Dananananananana BATPANTS

"Vietnam: where the wild things are..."
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tay Ho's Residential Bat Caves

Story and Media: Ben Rubin

I found a bat in my pants this morning. He looked too cool not to capture him for a bit to sketch. Dude wasn't happy about it.

Vietnam: where the wild things are...

Apparently batpants is already a children's book about an orangutan (?!)...man they've thought of everything...
I added the full story and sketches below - first page in my VFresh sketchbook - hot off the press!

"Laundry up to dry on the roof, and I spy this stowaway as i'm folding stuff up in the crotch of my pants...

I wrestled him out of my pants, then scooped 'em up in a glass and took a bunch of videos because bats are badass until I felt terrible and found a dark hole for 'em"