Napoleonic Fort

      Today, despite the predictions of the Russian bartender last night, was beautiful.  We decided to climb the small peak overlooking Dubrovnik to the Napoleonic fort, which he built when he took over the world.  He constructed an impressive zig-zagging road as well which we followed to get there, through a spurting pine forest and plowed through craggy rocks.  The fort is still completely sacked from the war in the 1990's, the invading army used the fort as a post to shell Dubrovnik.  From the top Bob pointed out neighboring peaks in Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, and Serbia - all visible on a clear day.  On top of the beautiful view there was an unsettling war museum displaying damp missiles in rusty puddles, and with a dripping ceiling which left us sketchbookers cautiously moving through the space to avoid drops while ironically drawing mines.  I was impressed the radio tower so I sketched it from roof.  It looks like a rocket ship, and seems so out of place next to the moss covered limestone fort.