Last weekend we took a day trip to the nearby island of Lopud with Staša's environmental class.  On the ferry over, I sketched Shawna with Bob, who was taking a photo the neighboring island of Koloćep among rowdy ACMT students.  We made our way from the sleepy town up to the fort on the top of the first hill, from where I sketched a view of the port and its position among the surrounding islands.  We wrestled through thorn bushes down to a sandy beach which hadn't woken up for the season yet.  The shore line was heaped with washed-up trash and debris, so after I found a pair of mismatched sandals I made a sketch of the beach and overlooking ruins.  It made me think about what our culture will leave behind, so when we returned I glued in a piece of the airline barf bag I had been holding on to and made a flip narrative between the 2 pages.  For the remainder of the sketchbook, I will be using the waste spread to collect bits of waste from meals and projects.