Great local fusion jazz band from last week's Sunday jazz night at the Lovin Cup.  I had been reading art theory in the library all afternoon for a class, so a few beers and music was a welcome break.
  I spent some time at the bottom of the page tracking the hands of the musicians, inspired from the Octavio Paz reading I had been chewing through earlier.

The bottom spread is from last April in NYC, of a lazy afternoon spent at two highlights of Brooklyn that don't exist anymore.  Horchatas at Magdas followed by a late night skate session at the Autumn Bowl with Brandon and a bag full of tallboys.  The place was like the gothic cathedral of skateboarding:  dark lofty ceilings with little flood lights dangled around, people wandering in and out at all times of the day and night.  For mini Ramps and mexican food - RIP

 Photo by Brandon, of Josh Maready, at the ramp behind the bowl.  For more of Brandon, Josh or the Bowl check out: