Ladri di Carrozzelle

Last Summer, when I was studying in Orvieto, Italy, I bumped into this great free concert one of my first days in town.  I was inspired by the story of the band, which was founded almost entirely by members with Muscular Dystrophy.

While wandering the streets and getting oriented to the small town, I followed the music until I found it - and took a seat without question when I realized they were serving complementary glasses of wine along with the show. After drinking my fair share of wine and jamming out, I spilled a glass all over myself and my new sketchbook, and tried to cover up my sloppiness by working the stain into the sketch I was making (which is now the purple gray washes in the sketch). Afterward I got to chat with Gianluca, a Keyboardist, as well as Emanuel and Piero, a Singer and Drummer.  Gianluca, who I draw front and center, told me how the band was constantly losing and gaining members based on the progressions of the disease, yet how music continued to be a forward momentum for the band members, both present and past, in uniting them in their common musical passion.

Although I wrote down their contact information, I packed away the book after I got home and was unable to send them the sketch until I stumbled back onto it last night. The bands website is, and an english translated version can be found here. Definitely worth checking out.