During one of the model's breaks at the Society of Illustrators, I started gabbing with an ancient-looking man in the back who was sitting next to a girl with funky hair. At the end of the night, he invited me to a tour of Chelsea if I was ever in his neighborhood.
Its not every day you get insight into 90 years of experience,
so I took him up on it.
My girlfriend and I met him at 2 the following Thursday. Below are doodles and quotes I scribbled down from the 12 hours we spent exploring the life of Chelsea: walking the pier, digesting the galleries (and some fantastic French food!), listening to lectures, roaming the bars, drinking like fish, and happily overdosing on the art of the city.

It turned out to be one of the best adventures of the trip.
Cheers to John Doyel and the vitality of art!

The Simpatico -
its not a generational thing
When I was a kid,
I was as close to the Civil War
as I am now to World War 2

Its so few years actually
Things change so much slower

I knew who was when I was 4
It was a disaster
but I knew who I was

I still dont know much,
but I can survive

The sad thing is we learn from our mistakes
The bigger the mistake the more you learn
Frozen people die
you cant do that

The whole business is
keep interested

read comic books-any goddamn thing
you cant unread a book

facebook...I fail to understand that completely

Get in touch with the involuntary actions of the human body.
Without all these bugs in yer gut you'd be dead - instantly
Our brains are a remarkable instrument -
the fact that we're here

Everything is a fluke!

You have to help luck along